The 4 A’s of Internal Promotion

Promoting the market & competitive intelligence function internally has to be an ongoing effort, well orchestrated within the communications mix and the overall intelligence operation developments and evolution.

Creating awareness of business intelligence requirements, intelligence lack or any other impact on business performance and sustainability is best being done through direct and live examples. For instance, if a bid with an important customer is lost, fairly simple and well structured intelligence ought to flow back into the marketing & sales organization in order to enable learning and improvement.

The same applies for success or any other important field event.
Other, more complex examples could be taken from intensified relationship with intelligence users such as market researchers and market analysts. Building awareness for a missing or failing intelligence service or system within an organization has to be the first big milestone for any intelligence startup effort and a repetitive activity for established market & competitive intelligence operations.

Before intelligence can be gathered from within the organization it might be wise to lend a hand in understanding and following through with the intelligence goals and perceived benefits. Here again: the real value of the future intelligence output has to be created and defined by the business that will extract business value from that market & competitive intelligence.
Meaning: something is to be delivered first in order to create awareness of the intelligence importance plus the existence. Using the intelligence requires assistance for processes and operating upon the intelligence as well as in handling and improving efficiency.

Entertaining a double-loop feedback system and supporting an active feedback culture should take care of constant adjustments to meet formerly expressed and constantly changing business intelligence requirements.
It is of essential value for a sustained intelligence program to continuously renew itself and challenge impact and value delivered. A firm internal network of intelligence requestors, users and information providers could be crucial for success.

Taking care of all the above should raise acceptance for the entire intelligence effort. Remember: you can’t make anyone to accept what is being delivered. The quality and thus the value that is to be extracted from the market & competitive intelligence system will convince users and management and thus create acceptance automatically.

The 4 A’s of Internal Promotion
Intelligence Promotion

Author: Jens Thieme

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