Production of Competitive Intelligence Content

Intelligence production takes care of the last step prior to value extraction from market & competitive intelligence, after data and information became available and market intelligence requirements are recognized, intelligence products are developed to meet intelligence needs of management and other decision makers.

As learned before, intelligence product development orients the creative process for intelligence end products around real business requirements.

Satisfying the “apple-to-apple” comparison need and direction provision, visualizing industry trends and market opportunities ought to be an ongoing process. Thus, intelligence production should be automated or semi-automated in order to establish a frequency, seasonality and reliability in market & competitive intelligence delivery.

Once important business intelligence products are identified and intelligence sources, both internally and externally established and set into flow, an intelligence organization (virtual or functional team) would be responsible to produce the agreed upon intelligence formats and provide them for dissemination.

Following well defined and communicated processes and utilize resources along agreed policies should support a healthy efficiency. Double loop feedback and frequent quality / performance reviews could ensure sustained intelligence quality and consistency.

To ensure smooth, timely, targets intelligence production the intelligence unit and teams are to structure and allocate work load. As an important factor contributing to ongoing support and success of the intelligence effort, market & competitive intelligence products should be promoted in use.

For example, if any given business success would be promoted throughout the company, intelligence products that facilitated or enabled that business success should be stressed to management and other decision makers / stakeholders. This way the investment into any intelligence operation would be justified once more and certainly receive well deserved acceptance and support thereafter.

Intelligence products need to satisfy business requirements and add value
Production of Intelligence Content

Author: Jens Thieme

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