Market & Competitive Intelligence Functions

Market intelligence functions, or intelligence activities as you might call them, need to support the market intelligence cycle and its continuous intelligence activities and intelligence tasks.

Establishing intelligence functions one important concern is to allow an operational and functional flow across these intelligence tasks and research activities as these functions will later, more or less, form the backbone of the market intelligence sequence.

  • Pro-Active Intelligence Functions

    Any business process and function needs support, resources and acceptance. Market intelligence, competitive intelligence and business intelligence in the farthest sense are no exception.

  • Active Competitive Intelligence Functions

    Active components and features of the market intelligence process and competitive intelligence systems include data mining and information warehousing, analysis of the data and information in order to transfer the knowledge into actionable intelligence with a waterproof process and efficient structure.

  • Performance Functions

    Now is the time for the data and information, being pre-packaged, partly analyzed and condensed to be targeted to the selected audience in order to perform as the intelligence backbone of the company.