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Competitive Intelligence Education

Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 04:31AM by Registered in , | CommentsPost a Comment | EmailEmail | PrintPrint

The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals SCIP updated their list of Competitive Intelligence education options. Right in time where the economic crisis loads a burden on many CI professionals, this information will provide opportunities and new outlook for CI professionals in need to strengthen their professional profile and further their skills.

“Intelligence education is currently provided through a variety of programs, institutions, and degrees. This list focuses on those educational institutions that offer courses, certificates, certification and degrees in competitive intelligence or intelligence analysis as of September 2009. The primary criteria for inclusion is that the organization provides accredited intelligence training in information or analysis. Preference is given to organizations with an .edu designation (US) or are recognized institutions of higher education….” - writes Bonnie Hohof of SCIP in her summary.

This updated list will also be discussed at the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association’s (SCIA) 2009 Education Day September 29 in Zurich.


SCIA Education Day - "Your Educational Options in CI". September 29, 2009. Zurich, Switzerland.

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 01:38AM by Registered in , , , , | CommentsPost a Comment | EmailEmail | PrintPrint

From CI basics to world class CI teams; graduate and post-graduate education, CI certificates, trainings, external workshops, publications, etc.

Keeping an edge in a competitive intelligence profession Session Speakers and Panel Discussion Participants:

On site:
Monika Giese (Switzerland), Toni Nagle (United Kingdom), Rainer Michaeli (Germany), Stefan Schuppisser (Switzerland)

Alessandro Comai (Spain), Bonnie Hohof (US) and John Prescott (US)

Details and registration at the SCIA website.

SCIP 2009 Board of Directors Election - Results Announcement

Posted on Monday, November 24, 2008 at 03:30PM by Registered in | CommentsPost a Comment | EmailEmail | PrintPrint

SCIP announced the result of the election to the Board of Directors today.

Those elected to the Board are as follows, in alphabetical order: Adrian Alvarez, Erik Glitman, Jens Thieme, and Todd Welda.

The election results are based on votes by 16.9 percent of the SCIP, a greater percentage than voted in the 2008 Board election.

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