Active Competitive Intelligence Functions

Active components and features of the market intelligence process and competitive intelligence systems include data mining and information warehousing, analysis of the data and information in order to transfer the knowledge into actionable intelligence with a waterproof process and efficient structure.

In order to actively produce intelligence all gears need to be shifted the right way and all highways cleared. It is of vital importance to any intelligence operation to have infrastructure and interfaces at the disposal of well educated individuals that are responsible for the entire process and supporting it.

  • Intelligence Mining & Warehousing

    In order to create actionable intelligence it needs material such as data and information from all internal and external resources. Market reports, field studies, industry summaries, sales force customer call intelligence and many other sources can be set to work. It pays to create a thorough plan in order to know and share the in’s and out’s and the whereabouts of all intelligence substance.

  • Wholesale Intelligence: Pricing

    Those of us who own Home-based Internet Businesses sites are always looking for wholesale pricing from the suppliers of the products we want to sell.

  • Intelligence Analysis & Structure

    In order to transform data and information into actionable market and competitive intelligence it needs to be filtered, sorted, pre-analyzed, structured and released into the respective delivery mechanisms.